Saturday, January 9, 2010

India Trip Pictures

I had wanted to go to Rajasthan for such a long time. I was finally able to go there during my recent trip to India in Dec-09. Since I had only 5 days for the Rajasthan trip, I only went to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Intricate architecuture with colorful interior pleases your eyes in Jodhpur, while huge sand dunes is a pretty site to see in Jaisalmer.

These are just a few pictures. I still need to download the rest from my camera. I will update this post once I have the rest of the pictures.

A sunrise picture taken from moving car:)

I absolutley love this picture. I am going to enlarge it and frame it:)

This picture is taken by my husband. I was specifically told to put this up on my blog and mention that he has taken this picture:).
Sunset looks very beautiful on sand unes. Bright red sky that turns pink slowly, The change of colors is reflected on the dunes. This picture was taken wth the sun setting in the background.
We had booked an overnight safari at Jaisalmer.
You go about 60km away from the city by Jeep. Then from there you ride on a camel for about an hour and reach the sand dunes. The evening snack and dinner is prepared on an open fire. Then there is traditional singing and dancing. At night, you are provided with sleeping bags and comforters. No tents or any other coverings!!! You sleep under the open sky.  The desert looked very bright even at 10 at night. It felt as if it was early in the morning and sun was just going to rise. I have never seen a night so "bright".

Not very clear, but here is the picture of the desert at night.

Sunrise seen from the camping site.

This was a temple inside one of the havelis in Jodhpur.

Some camel pictures

Does any one know the names of any of these birds? These were all seen roaming wild either at Kaylana lake at Jodhpur or in the desert or at Desert national park in Jaisalmer.


More pictures to come. Stay tuned!!!

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