Monday, June 8, 2009

An Update on My Pea Plants

The latest picture is shown above

My Pea Plants are happy and doing just fine outdoors. I am posting some pictures here with dates when they were taken to show how fast they grow.

The above two pictures where taken on March 20th.

These two pictures were taken today (April 10th).

The plants have grown taller, and have started developing long tendrils to look for support. I am really excited and waiting for the plants to flower soon and set out some pea pods:) I will update this post with new pictures as soon as I start seeing some flower development.

To support the plants, I have created a fence like structure using some bamboo sticks. You can get these sticks at any garden center.

I am going to use these bamboo sticks to support my tomato plant too. I have already put my tomato plant out in the garden, but I think it was not a good idea. It is still a little cold here in Bellevue, Wa for tomato plants. Hopefully my tomato plant survives the fluctuation in temperature here for one more month.:)

Here is the new update: The plants are doing great. They are already about 2 to 2-1/2 feet tall. The picture shown below was taken on June 2nd.
One problem I see is, my plants are too close to each other, and therfore too dense. This was my first time so I learned my lesson:) Next time I will plant them in raws.

More update: This was quick!!!

I saw a bud on my plants on Wednesday. Today (Friday) there are many flowers and many new buds. I hadn't expected this so quick!!!, though I am very excited about it. New flowers means I will get some peas pretty soon:)

In the picture below, you can see new buds and flowers on my plants. One thing that surprised me when I saw the flowers was, I had read and heard that pea plants grow 5-6 feet before they set out flowers. Mine are only 2-1/2 to 3 feet tall. Hopefully my plants will set out some fruits.

Here is a picture of a beautiful pea flower.
One more showing how the flowers grow in bell shape. (Its like little bells hanging off of the plants:)

June 8th 09: New update
The plants have started to set out some tender pods. Here are some pictures. In the picture below you can see how a pod is froming from the pea flower.
Here is a picture of a tender pod. You can see clearly see some peas forming inside this pod.

I am very excited. Can't wait to pick the pods and enjoy some homegrown peas:)

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Anonymous said...

Nehal, nice garden. I am planning to make a vegetables garden too but I guess I will start it in June. Is it still cold in WA?

Nehal said...

Thanks Roossy. It is a little cold here for more heat loving plants like tomato, chili, melons etc. But it is just perfect for peas.:)

Ratna said...

Nice....your plants are growing just fine....keep up :) ! I finally saw a little plant germinating from my spinach potting.

Nehal said...

Thats great Ratna. My spinach is about 5-6inch tall already:)

Mandy said...

Hi Nehal

Your peas look great! I am growing some this year, as well as lots of other vegetables!

Wishing you lots of success with your gardening!

Mandy x

Nehal said...

Thanks Mandy. This will be my second year in growing veggies. Can't wait for the summer:). Happy gardening. Do share your experience.

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