Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pudina Chhas or Masala Chhas

Pudina Chhas or Salted Lassi, as it is called in the Indian restaurants here in the USA, is a refreshing drink made with yogurt/buttermilk. It is a must in summer times in India.

I still remember my college days, when I used to walk from my college to the train station, which was about 25-30 minutes walk. There was a “rekdiwala” (stall), at the station who used to sell fresh, cold pudina chhas or masala chhas, and plain chhas for Rs. 2.00 a glass.

You may who it feels when you walk in the heat of the sun for 30 minutes, with heavy books on your back, and a T-Square/drafter in your hands. Just before entering the station, I used to buy masala chhas. The cold chhas used to quench my thirst, and make me feel fresh again.

Here is the recipe for thirst quenching, refreshing and good for you pudina chhas.

1-1/2 Cups Yogurt
1 Green Chili (or Per Taste)
½ Teaspoon Ginger, Grated
Sea Salt, to Taste
1 Teaspoon Roasted Cumin Seeds, Ground to Fine Powder
1 Teaspoon Dry Mint Leaves, Crushed, or 2-3 Fresh Mint Leaves
2-3 Mint Leaves, For Garnishing
Ice Cubes

Method: Grind the mint leaves, green chili, ginger and sea salt to a coarse paste. Blend the ground ingredients with yogurt. Add the cumin seed powder and 4 cups cold of water. Blend one more time. Pour the chhas in four glasses, add the ice cubes, and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Enjoy the ever refreshing Pudina chhas or masala chhas.

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