Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Variyali (Saunf or Fennel) Sharbat

My grandmother used to make this sharbat in India during summer time. Its a cool and refreshing drink. I had been wanting to make this for a while now, but didn't know of the exact recipe for it. So, I just made my own...well kind of:) I remember a few of the ingredients that my grandmother used to add into this sharbat, and I added some more which I thought might go well:)

Here is the recipe for making Variyali sharbat.
2 Tablespoon variyali (Fennel or Saunf)
1 1/2 Tablespoon sugar
1-2 no. black pepper
1 clove
1 teaspoon khus khus (Poppy seeds)
1 1/2 cup water

Method: Mix and grind all the above dry ingredients into a fine powder. Soak in 1-1/2 cup water overnight. On the next day, drain the liquid and refrigerate for atleast 4 hours. Serve Cold.

I bet you will love it. It is sweet, and refreshing with fennel flavour, and also with just a little hint of black pepper which makes you wonder hummmm what is it!!! :)

P.S: If any one has a recipe for the "original" fennel sharbat, please let me know. I would love to make it the way my grandmother used to make it.

Now a note about my garden: I have heard that Fennel plants attract butterflies, so I planted fennel in a small pot about 15 days ago. I just put some store bought fennel (fennel seeds)in a pot filled with potting soil. Now, my plants are already 2 inches tall. Warm weather in last weeks have helped my plants grow quickly.

If you plan to plant fennel, plant them in pots. Fennel plants are invasive. If you plant them in your outdoor garden, your garden will be covered with these plants in no time. Also don't plant fennel in the same pot where coriander (cilantro) or tomatoes are planted.

Transfer the pot outdoors when its warm and sunny outside. Enjoy some colorful butterflies, and sweet fennel in your yard:)

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Anonymous said...

Koi ne aana karta sari aavadti hoi to kejo

Vaishali Parekh.

Ajay said...

vaishali ben a biji rit to chhe pan sari chhe ke nahi teni khabar nathi. Ajay
વરિયાળી નું શરબત
બનાવવા માટેની સામગ્રી:
૧૦૦ ગ્રામ વરિયાળી
૧૦૦ ગ્રામ સાકર
૨ નંગ લીંબુ
૩ ટી.સ્પૂન જલજીરા પાવડર
સ્વાદ પ્રમાણે મીઠું

વરિયાળી નું શરબત
બનાવવા માટેની રીત:
વરિયાળી ને આગલે દિવસે રાતે પાણીમાં પલાળી દેવી.સવારે તેજ પાણી માં સહેજ
વાર ઉકાળી લેવી.ઠંડુ થાય પછી ક્રશ કરી ગળી લેવી.તેને ઠંડું કરી તેમાં સાકર નો
ભૂકો,મીઠું અને જલજીરા પાવડર નાખી હલાવી બરફ નો ભૂકો નાખી ખુબજ ઠંડુ
સર્વ કરવું.
**ખડી સાકર લેવી.
**સાકર ન લેવી હોય તો ખાંડ પણ લઇ શકાય.
**વરિયાળી બને તો ઝીણી(લખનવી)લેવી.

Nehal said...

Thank you Ajay, I will try the recipe soon. by the way, my name is Nehal:)

shobha said...

thanks for the recipe which my mom used to make w/o poppy seeds. Also a very good tip for gardening and butterflies.....hmmm! I shall too work on this & try!

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